I just want to say you want me to stay after all u did and said…your ducking crazy! Like when I was in hospital with chest pain, the doctor was feeding me nitro glisteren and u was rolling ur damn eyes and huffing BC you wanted to be home killing zombies! I am just so don’t u said I was the stupidest woman you ever met…well I am but only for putting up with you in so done it ain’t funny!




I love u so much but what i get back is a heartless treatment from u. U tell me sorry, tell me u are worry me. But for what when u dont even care for me. Now i think i get it, all the while u are just cheating me. I am tired. Damn tired to let u play around. Go enjoy with the person with u now. I am out of the game.




Well, I saw you at XW restaurant about a week back.
I do not know why I am thinking of you ever since, was it because of your friendliness towards customer services or because I’ve good feeling about you..

Your carelessness on that day amused me.. Hoping to see you every time I walk past XW Cafe/restaurant but I suppose you only work during the weekend- night shift…

May be I am thinking too much, thinking that you have good feeling towards me too…

May be it is all my side’s feeling not yours.




SO PISSED OFF TO THE MAX. I work as a presch teacher. All my organization care about is money. They ‘extort’ money from parents for substandard ‘education’ which the parents pay 1000 over dollars for. Its not education where your kids play all day and are left to fend for themselves from bullies and children who hit and teachers turn into referees trying to stop children from hitting the crap out of each another. There is always a lack of staff as there is such a high turnover rate as the teachers feel abused and are treated badly. We are paid peanuts and are abused, emotionally and mentally by our bosses. We are insulted and compared to regularly till it has become a norm and most of them excuse themselves to cry in a corner about it. We have no money for school supplies..thus we have to fork out money from our own pockets for it. Yeah..dunno who is running the school at the end of the day. Dont even get me started about sick leave. If you take sick leave no matter how ill you are, you are immediately the villian. The bad guy. Nevermind the fact that you work with kids and that they could fall sick too. You are still a villian. Cause the bosses say that they hit losses when you are not in work. This is a preschool btw..this is education
. The more i think about this the more my blood boils. Teachers come and go, your child never has the same teacjer for the whole year. Ive even heard of teachers who have had maritial problems and even depression while working for this school. The love of kids and the passion brought us here to teach but the longer it gets…the passion just fades away. There is no such thing as a pay increment but you are asked to work longer hours every single day. Bonuses? Please. Oh and dont forget that they ask you to come back as and when they want you to.

Wonder why i am in this hellhole and havent left this place yet thought i rant so much?









I admit I sometimes hate my lady boss very much. I tried not to have hatred I my heart but I am really upset I am paid peanuts and have to do 2-3 persons job! sometimes I said this to myself “Put all the dollars in your mouth” and visualize that he mouth is stuff with dollar notes. “Eat all you can, put sausages in your mouth also!”








No message from u for 1day plus. But u just reply me phone got problem and missing again. U really think i will believe? So hurt inside my heart. I really think everytime after our talk u dont even care my feeling. Your action is totally different. Why u are treating me this way.




Mu sometime i know that u are bluffing me for thing. I know u hiding thing to me. But i just cannot stop, i keep telling myself it ok. I really love u. When will u really true to me, when will u stop hiding thing. U make me fall in love with u but i am just a toy to u. U tell me to believe u, understand u and u dont want to see me sad. But i sad is because of u and u never understand this.




I just got discharged from IMH for depression. It was a cry for help that I downed a lot of pills. I thought people would care. No one did. Everyone goes on like it’s normal. Now I’m back at work, and there are so many things messing with my head. No one understands. Not even my “best friend”. I should’ve just downed more pills, and not seek help.




I work in a hotel chain and I use my staff privileges to book hotel rooms to bonk girls found on online classifieds. They all think I am loaded. Well it beats hotel 81 or fragerence.




fuck the world. Fuck you. Fuck everyone you love and care about. Fuck the governments of the world. Fuck songs. Fuck every fucking thing in this fucking world.