I think I’ve a huge crush on my boss ever since colleagues tease both of us every single day at work. It’s impossible that we can be together and he can almost be my father! How can I remain professional and maintain good working relationship with him without succumbing to all those teasing? It’s not annoying but I’ve somehow been influenced. Can anyone tell me how to shake this off?




When I see you, my heart skips a little faster. When I hear your voice, it calms me down like nothing else can. When I see your smile, I just can’t help smiling to myself too. When I feel your energy, it’s infectious, Each time I try to forget about you, you drop me a text to reignite all my thoughts and emotions.

I close my eyes and you’re all I see. I open my eyes, and you’re constantly on my mind. I wish you didn’t have that effect on me, and I sometimes wonder if you know the kind of power you have over. Sometimes I suspect you know it all; other times it feels like you hardly know a thing.

All I want is to be in your arms, just lying there, just you and me. No complications. I wish you knew, but as it is, you must never ever know.




I don’t know how I ended in the state I’m in today. What went wrong? My bosses treat me as transparent, why? Maybe poison spread by the bitch to the other bosses. Even if not, I know you have totally lost your trust in me, but why target me? Other people probably made as many or even more mistakes than I did, and even .more irresponsible. When I needed your help, you had no interest in helping me. You are biased and practise favouritism. You have been given a second chance yourself, but you don’t help others. Now all of you are just hinting that I should go, sad 5hat I has come down to this.




I am a freshly graduated from sim. I have no idea what I can do with my degree, my academic results aint good just a 3rd class. I am currently unemployed and searching for jobs. The thing is I have a fear for receiving calls from unknown numbers and this is affecting me from getting a job. Whenever I send out my application, I fear that they might call me up for interview. I think I have anxiety but I dont know who I can consult.. My family are not understanding and I am under tremendous stress from my mother who asks me the same question every single day “Have you got a job?”. I really hate it when she asks that question, she doesnt know of my problem and I am trying really hard to find a damn job. But who wants to hire an inexperience graduate with a lousy class…?? Where can I go from here? I really have no idea what to do next..




I hook up with my ex-girlfriend when I was just about to get married, went malaysia 5D4N with her lying to my bride to be that I am on a business trip.
Have lots of fun and sex before coming back 1 day before my actually wedding.




I’ve paid vacation for my girlfriend, son and her mother, because i did get a new job recently and i cannot go. And now my girlfriend is there, getting drunk with some strangers, while mother-in-law takes looking after my son. And that is pissing me off!!!




i wished that she;s dead asap! no1 in the entire universe wants her. she cant even go back to her own freaking house which is dominated by her own children. all her children knows is to dump their own mother to me! i got no life bcoz of this hag/burden. she din give birth to me, din raise me up, i don owe her in any way so y the hell i don deserve my own life! fking old irritating princess still refuse to know the whole world wants her dead. none of her children and grandchildren and relatives is happy to c her, they rather kick her out of her own house! she better stop imagine she is a good princess to everybody bcoz its the total opposite and in fact she is a hag. who likes being ordered around by a princess! that y she got kicked out bcoz she treats her own family as slaves. if there is no punishment for murder, she would have been stabbed by her family for being an old hag. dear old hag, get the fact that nobody loves u or even like u! she thinks they all loved her by telling her that she can lived longer by staying with me! hah, princess so innocent to believe this bs as if i m some sort of miracle god! hello, for months she stayed with me there is not even A visit, so pls stop this “they all loves u” fantasy and pls accept the fact that “u r dumped” but actually wants her dead to save money. she better stop cling on to life, whats good about this lonesome life in this half dead crippled body anyway. so pls go die asap la, return me my well deserve peace as this is the only good she can do now.




In an alternative multiverse, you would be telling our two children the great adventures of Spock.




i feel very sad cos my parents quarrel again,i got a call from hdb earlier on they say they hve yet to receive my parents payment.my mum told my dad that & my dad started saying nowadays they’re many cheaters don’t believe it.suddenly my dad mentions abt last time what i did,i know what i did last time is wrong but now i hv changed over a new leaf whatever my mum or i do he’ll never believe us.normally is what ppl told me,then i’ll tell my mum.i hate my dad he’s impatient & bad tempered he always threatened me if my money is lost i’ll call the police arrest u.




I feel empty. I’ve been feeling empty for the last 5 years. I don’t have dreams I don’t have goals. I can’t seem to get anything right in my life. I am not suicidal. But sometimes I wonder if my life means anything of value.




It has been many days and this Uncle is still missing..People out there please share this posting n hope that he can be found soon…thank you..