I see you every day, and I love you more and more. But you will never know it, and I will die alone. Be happy, my love.




All the thing you say is just a lie. I hate it! Really hate it!! I am just a toy to you!




I’m in my third year of uni now and i’m flatting with my so far best buddy. We shared our summer time together. I actually fell for him. He is handsome, cute, understanding, cool, smart , macho but gentle. This is such an inappropriate kind of crush coz we’re both guys. But, i can’t deny my feeling, somehow i need male’s love, acceptance and touch. We’re flatting together currently. Everyday, I try not to be distracted by his gorg body, face and personality. It’s a bit hard though. I just can’t deny my own natural feeling, can I? I create myself romantic fantasy with him that doesn’t and won’t exist. I was hurt because when we got back to our hometown he kind of ignored and lied to me and generally cant be bothered with me, and now after we got back together he seems to be very nice towards me. I’m always suspicious toward him, does he just want to use me as his study partner?like just for the benefit that he could earn, and then when I dont give him any benefits, he might just leave and ignore me?Thats kinda frustrate and annoy me. Everytime I watch a movie, I always fantasize that the guy figure is him. What should i do? I just cant deny my natural feeling, it hurts though. I just hope that my uni is not getting distracted by my crush towards him. I think i should have to let this go, and be as professional as i can towards hiim. But his smile….hard to resist




Just want to get it off my chest.
I think i’ve been liking this particular girl for quite some time now but only to realise it recently, well of course it’s because it dug deeper into my mind. Now i can’t seem to have her stop being on my mind.
I’ve known her since year 1, now we’re in the final year. I used to thought to myself, please, there’s no possible way i’d fall for someone like her. But i guess i was wrong.
I think im nice to her, enough to be of a hint to anything, im not sure if she likes me.
Well you see, i’m a guy with 3 sisters at home. Hence, im rather gentle and slightly more sensitive.
We do go out sometimes, but i’m really not sure how she feels about it and it’s getting frustrating recently.
I’m planning to confess to her during countdown to next year 2014, i won’t demand an answer straight away.
I just want her to know how i feel, and if possible, not to spoil any friendship.

Merry early christmas and, i really like you.




Why there is 1guy tell me, u are his girlfriend. What u treat me as? A toy for u to play? I am ok if u tell me, u got boyfriend and i will not start to love u. I am damn angry and sad until i cannot even sleep. I just 1 answer, a answer what am i. Really what a fucking dumbass me.




I am going crazy already..

So many messages sent through locanto and craigslist, but a not bad looking guy like me just can’t get a female of any age and size to accompany me..

I know there are no ladies willing to make out with me for free, so all I’m asking now is company…

i’ll love and respect any lady I come across… still, there’s nothing… am I that bad?? AM I??




We open our windows at home maybe several times almost everyday. But can anybody guess what kind of window on earth that only opens on your birthday? This window must be damn smart right? Can even detect when is your birthday and auto-open for you..




I do seek for ur prayer(s),my mum was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage one both me & my mum were very scared this coming friday the doctor will say the results.

These few days I hve been praying for her health,lord Jesus & Hail Mary please bless my mum,dad & me my beloved grandparents above please be my mum’s guardian angel blessed her.

I’m seeking for only those sincere people who can pray for her health,may lord bless u & ur family.thank u so much




You sailed down the mile. Got me on board.
We had good times. We fought.
You got me locked up. Messed up my life.
You left me no choice, but to take the dive.

You lied and cheated. I had to leave you, I had no choice.
That feeling was depressing. The first I’ve felt.
I needed to move on. Couldn’t lose you twice.
So I got my cover, and put on a disguise.

You came calling months on. To make better.
I was still hurting, so I said:”I know better!:.
Brushed you off. Asked you to move on.
But no one knew, deep down I’m torn.

5 years on. I dropped my cover.
To only realize, that I screwed myself over.
You have always been the one I was supposed to be with.
I should’ve given us a chance. You were my only.

Now you’re in another land. With another man.
You seem to have moved on. Feelings gone.
You have your whole life ahead of you. Why date a fool.
A fool who casted you aside. To keep his pride.





i miss 琳琳。。。 she is the type of milf I like, slim yet curvy, handful cute cup A breast, very fair, black long hair, nice face nice breath.. really miss her..